About The App

Jetzy is the world’s first geo location based social app to connect and reward people who have passion for travel and unique lifestyle experiences. On Jetzy app you can connect with people with similar interests to get authentic recommendations, or simply make new friends.

You can do the following on Jetzy:

  • Connect with like minded people who share your interests, e.g. Foodies, Beach Goers, Music Lovers, etc. All in real time, wherever you are.
  • Share your photos and recommendations with fellow Jetzy users.
  • See profiles and pics of who’s around you based on similar interests.
  • JETPOINTS! GET FREE TRAVEL AND REWARDS JUST BY USING THE APP! The more you refer friends, post images, share on other social media, and use the app, the more JetPoints you get. These points can be redeemed for trips, hotel nights, local restaurant meals, travel goods, etc.! IT'S THAT SIMPLE!
  • SURPRISES GALORE! Random travel rewards will be given out all year around. No points necessary. You just have to be using the app at the right time, in the right place. We call this, "Getting Jetzy'd"! Good luck!

Our Mission:
Connect you with people who enjoy travel and unique lifestyle experiences. Whether it's culture, food, nightlife or outdoors, on our interest and location based Jetzy app you can contact like-minded people for authentic local recommendations or even plan to meet in person

  • Travel like a local
  • Earn free rewards
  • Meet new people
  • Immerse in a culture
  • Follow your passions
  • Have global reach
  • Travel on your terms
  • Get instant gratification
  • Earn Rewards Program
  • Get social. Get points. Win FREE travel and other cool stuff!

This is how you get points on Jetzy

Main App Activities:
1. Joining

  • Self Joining: 1000 points for initial sign up
  • Refer a Friend: 100 points (share your referral code found under invite friends section). Both you and the friend invited get 100 points

2. Posting/Sharing to Instagram & Facebook from App

  • Promote to FB or IG: 100 points.
  • Once promotion per week allowed for points.

3. Posting Photos in-app

  • Post photo to Moments: 1 point